July 2, 2022

Obvious With Your Expectations

One day the house you are currently living in is going to become too small. Whether your family is expanding or your work-from-home business is growing or you simply just want more space, the time will come for a change.

They key areas of change are going to the kitchen, the main bedroom, perhaps the garden – and the lavatory. Here’s where bathroom renovations come in – and need to be handled with an expert and precision.

When deciding the composition of your toilet and related areas – the most key important factors in your bathroom renovations’ book are as follows:


While neutral colours like vanilla white and cream serve a long-term purpose, it’s worth while doing something a little bit different. Stone wash, cloudy pearl and opaque pink are just some of the colour fads doing the rounds these days, so fit in as you see fit, but do try avoid going with the drab and boring hues of yesteryear.


If it is just you living at home, well, the size of your room doesn’t really matter. When two, three, four, five or more people are using the same space, though, the size is probably going to need to increase. Building a double basin or additional towel rails will really help.

Water tank

More people means more consumption of water. Your little water tank is no longer going to suffice. When getting a knew one, consider a high-pressure water tank, which will make those long hot or cold showers that much more enjoyable.


Do you want the bath against a wall or free standing? Do you want the vanity next to the toilet or opposite? How much floor space versus how much space is taken up by objects needs to be weighed up. Will you have a shower over a bath? Will this shower have a curtain or a door or a plain sheet of glass to offset the water falling on the floor. Will the floor feature a little drain, which can be used instead of towels to mop up any excess water? Decide now.

Additional trinkets

There are all sorts of cool features out there to add to your bathroom, to make it more spacious or modest or more lavish and even outlandish. Heated toilet seats, baths with huge amounts of litre value, heated flooring and towel rails and even waterproof pictures on the wall are all out there – and ready for you to choose or not.


Tiling is the most obvious way to go. But perhaps you’ve thought of using a special laminate or, dare we hope not, carpeting. Carpeting is not ideal – unless you’re into damp and soggy smells. The bigger the tile, the bigger the expense. Porcelain tiling works well if you want less grouting.