October 1, 2023

Everything To Know About Wooden Crates And Its Benefits

Why we use wooden crates 

The crate is made up of wood to hold the things for shipment. Wooden crates were invented by Europeans. These crates are prepared with the Balsa Wood and Bass Wood. These crates are lightweight, efficient for fruits, vegetables and can be used for more than one journey. Most of these crates have pre-cooling and ventilation, so the fruits cannot be damage. Crates are prepared according to the specific items and can store large items for shipping.  

Advantages of wooden crates:  

Here are some common benefits of wooden crate: 

  • These are easy to manufacture and prepared according to the required design.  
  • These are durable and highly efficient.  
  • These are resistant and suitable for seawater and any weather condition.  
  • These can also be repaired when needed.  
  • These crates are protected for your valuable items during shipment.  
  • These are reusable and can be used for more than one shipment.  
  • These crates are natural and have good aeration.  
  • When you are using these crates there may less chance of any item loss or damage.  
  • These crates protect the fruits, vegetables or other stored items from dirt and moisturizing.  
  • These crates are entirely customizable.  
  • These crates have also a facility for decoration.  
  • These crates impound less space as these are kept on one another.  

Importance of wooden crates for cargo  

Now a day wooden crates in Melbourne are popular for shipment of fruits and vegetables from one country to another by shipment or cargo. Crates can be prepared according to your freight capacity and weight as well as shape. These can also be used for large storage like watermelon, melon, and pineapple. Wooden pieces are prepared with the help of a professional carpenter and designed different crates according to the shape of the item. They secure place and do not take wide space to keep in a container. These crates are considered best for shipping because they have the facility of pre-cooling of items and have drying capacity to save the items from damage and waste.  


If you are searching for shipment for your items, wooden crates are the best option for cargo and storing root crops, vegetables and fruits. These crates are lightweight and easy to prepare, many small items can be store in this crate safely throughout shipment and freight. These can be reused as well as repair and are durable. Reclaim Timber Co. is providing wooden crates that are made with special wood and are sturdy. They are providing good quality of wooden crated for shipment and transfer your items from one place to another with safely. They have prepared these crates with traditional techniques and have the quality to design the crate according to the item requirement. They ensure their clients about any loss or damage; their items reach on a specific destination safely. Must visit that company and enjoy the services by getting wooden crates for shipping your goods.