December 8, 2021

Etching Effects On Different Materials

If you wish to create an inscription or etch a design on a product, there are certain factors you need to consider. The base material as well as the etching technology that you use or refer with a professional service can differ. Often, a single product being etched for luxury purposes is fine, but the same effects can prove to be prohibitive if you are trying to incorporate the same on a product line. However, etching the same design with high levels of accuracy is possible with modern etching technology and tools that are available.

Diverse materials and methods

The engraving methods differ as per the work piece as well as material that are being used. For instance, if you are using laser engraving it can be used to produce specific designs. The kind of design will dictate the use of different laser engraving equipment like metal machining tools. It is possible to create customized images or duplicate images with laser engraving technology. Often artistic works also use laser engraving technology. This technology can work with diverse materials like metal, stone, glass and plastic as well as other natural substances.

Different engraving requirements

Depending on the base material, many engraving services start from mold creation and finish with etching the final product. Hence, stainless steel labels & tags at  National Industrial Engravers is a technique of creating products of certain shapes and sizes after which they are etched and engraved upon. The most common materials used to etch or engrave upon are stone and metal. Engraving is a way to create marks or etch designs on different products. However, stone and glass bases substances are difficult to engrave also. Laser crystal engraving is a technology used to create images on the inside of materials that are hard and crystalline.

Equipment and tools used

Laser crystal engraving tools can be small when limited products need to be etched upon. However, in case of industrial engraving requirements, large machines create laser engraved products. In certain cases, companies rely on small machines to create a customized design on a select range of products that are created as exclusive range for select customers. The costs go up for such products accordingly.

No matter what kind of etching you wish to get on a line of products, there are several engraving services to explore in the market. Take a look at technologies and possibilities they offer which will help you understand what you could get and what would be priced for such effects. In certain cases getting the products, molded and etched by a single service proves cost effective.